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Channel Letters
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El Cerrito Channel Letters

When it comes to simple but impressive business signs, channel letters and dimensional letters will not disappoint. These two business signs allow flexibility regarding the content that can be displayed and how it can be designed professionally. If you need one for your business or facility, the El Cerrito, CA sign company Oakland Sign Company can personalize it.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignAll the El Cerrito channel letters we make are personalized to suit the business using them. We take our time to get to know each client to get the correct information on what they like to see in their channel letters and accurately convey the design for the channel or dimensional letters. We can even provide recommendations and show sample works to give clients more inspiration for their requests. If clients have existing designs for their channel or dimensional letters, we can take a look and update them to make them more effective.

All the channel and dimensional letters we use are made with industry-grade materials to guarantee they will last long. They will also show people that your brand is trustworthy and you are committed to your brand’s growth. We can make channel and dimensional letters for any business, no matter their industry and how much they have in their budget. Our team guarantees the final product will help you achieve your business goals once installed in your chosen location.

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Storefront Channel Letters

When it comes to the El Cerrito channel letters we make at Oakland Sign Company, most of them are used as storefront signs, and this is due to the following reasons:

Custom Channel Letter SignFirst, channel letters are individually shaped elements that are 3D in nature, giving them a unique image that will catch anyone’s attention. When combined, they can show the name of the business, its business logo, or the business slogan. Companies can even combine letters, numbers, and images for their channel letters to form the image they want people to associate with their brand. It can also be customized to help it stand out, such as the lighting used for each element, the element’s faces, and the opacity or 3D effect of the channel letters.

These channel letters can also be installed directly on the building’s facade or grouped in a backing frame before they get installed on the facade.

At Oakland Sign Company, you can get channel letters personalized to your specific standards to achieve the impressions you want people to have when they see the channel letters up close or from a distance. We can even provide recommendations regarding the optimizations these channel letters can have, such as the lighting and the opacity of the material used for each element.

Storefront channel letters are perfect for retail shops, shopping centers, and public spaces because they can be personalized perfectly to the facility. It is also striking, even if it is very simply designed.

Dimensional Letters

If you want a channel letter that is one entire piece and can blend well in the building’s facade or walls, dimensional letters are what you are looking for.

El Cerrito Channel Letters channel 300x103Although channel and dimensional letters are similar in having individual elements to create the sign’s unique image, they differ in how they are produced. Dimensional letters use a solid sheet – metal or acrylic – and the individual elements are carved directly into the material to create one panel. Backlighting can be added in each component, as well as use different opacities to create the 3D dimensions that will make it visible even from a distance.

We can personalize the signs on their size, font, and style for dimensional letters. We can also adjust the opacity of each element to achieve the 3D image you want people to see when they see the sign from a distance or up close. If your dimensional letters are used indoors, we can check your location to see where they should be installed and how they should be designed to achieve your targets while still matching your brand.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Do you want your channel or dimensional letters to be visible even at night or in harsh weather conditions or stand out more? You can get your channel or dimensional letters fitted with backlighting or external lighting.

If you want your El Cerrito channel letters to have lighting features, we will consider the best option for your location and the application of your sign. While channel and dimensional letters are often used for outdoor applications, they can also be used indoors. Our team can safely install the electrical components of your chosen light feature for your signs. This ensures the lighting works flawlessly and will not cause safety concerns in the long run.

We often recommend backlit and illuminated signs for businesses with extended hours and those planning to use their channel letters indoors. We also recommend these signs for companies that want signs visible at any given time and weather.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

El Cerrito Channel Letters sign company 1 300x146Having a simple sign doesn’t mean you cannot catch the attention of your target audience. If it is the right type of business sign and designed correctly, you can get traction for your business and build a strong impression for your brand that people will not forget.

With channel letters made by our creative sign experts at Oakland Sign Company, you don’t have to worry about your signs being simple in design. We will personalize it to suit your brand and create a professional image telling people you are a brand they can trust. The channel letters will also work alongside your other business signs and graphics to show consistency in your messaging wherever they are located.

To find out more about our services and start the process of getting your channel letters for your business, contact us through our hotline. One of our sign experts will be on standby to respond to your request and show you how easy it is to get personalized channel letters for your business.

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