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Vehicle Wraps
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Canyon Vehicle Wraps


With today’s competitive market, you must be able to expand your marketing reach to critical areas around your business location to stay ahead of the pack. While traditional business signs can help with this effort, they are often installed in one area and do not move in place.

custom full vehicle wrap

If you want something that can reach a larger audience, getting personalized Canyon vehicle wraps for your business fleet is a significant investment you can make for your business.

Vehicle wraps can be made and used for any vehicle for any business. They can be designed to show a business’s story and offerings and include the key information customers need about the company should they want to avail themselves of it. Wherever the vehicle goes, it can help people become familiar with the brand and give them an idea of what they can expect when they reach out to the business.

Oakland Sign Company ‘s experienced team of vehicle wrap designers, manufacturers, and installers is ready to work with you to create the perfect vehicle wrap for your fleet. From start to finish, our team will make the process proceed smoothly. When installed, you will get the vehicle wraps to help your brand extend its reach while protecting your investment in your vehicle’s fleet.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Want to become more visible in your target market and expand your marketing campaign? Vehicle wraps are the perfect business sign to use without spending much money for an all-out promotional campaign. If made correctly, these wraps can catch the right attention, provide the information people need to know about your offerings even with little reference, and build a strong impression for people to become curious about your offerings.

Canyon Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom full vehicle wrap

When using vehicles as a marketing tool, they are often fully wrapped to maximize the space and promote more offerings to the general public.

Full vehicle wraps cover all the central panels of the vehicle and transform it into a moving advertisement. Regardless of your vehicle’s purpose for your business, the vehicle wrap can expand your brand’s visibility, even if parked in a parking lot or stuck in traffic. These wraps can also protect your vehicle once it is installed from daily wear and tear, which can reduce your car’s value if you plan to sell them in the future.

Oakland Sign Company can create personalized full vehicle wraps for your car and make sure that it promotes your brand and offerings effectively. We use high-quality vinyl for our vehicle wraps because it is proven durable and flexible. You will also be assigned to one of our vehicle wrap experts, who will be with you throughout the project, and they will also make sure that you are happy with your request.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphics

If you don’t want to wrap your business fleet completely, you can opt for partial car wrap for your fleet.

Partial car wraps can be placed in critical sections of your car without covering the rest. Our vehicle wrap experts can design them in such a way you can promote your brand effectively even if the vehicle still needs to be covered entirely. If you want to reuse or relocate these partial car wraps, you can do it without destroying the paint. It will also contour to the vehicle’s shape and effectively call to the right audience.

We can also provide recommendations on how these partial car wraps can be designed so they can reach a wider audience.

Vinyl Graphics

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

Do you want to be more flexible with how you design your vehicle? Vinyl graphics can help you out immensely.

Vinyl graphics are individually cut pieces of vinyl that can be combined to form a letter, photo, or symbol and placed anywhere in the vehicle. It is easy to peel and remove from the vehicle’s surface, so you can rearrange the design without ruining the paint.

We can help you design these vinyl graphics and install them in your vehicle to achieve your intended effect. We can also get the vinyl graphics made quickly and help you with the installation so that it looks flawless once installed in the vehicle.

Vehicle Magnets

Some communities don’t allow fully wrapped vehicles for various reasons. Using your car for your business can be a problem if you want to use it to promote your brand. Fortunately, you can get past this problem by using vehicle magnets!

car magnetAs its name implies, vehicle magnets are magnetic vinyl pieces that can be placed anywhere in a vehicle’s body. You can easily remove them once you use the vehicle for work or enter an area that does not allow vehicle wraps and other marketing tools. These vehicle magnets have strong magnetic force, so they won’t fly off your car if you drive off at fast speeds.

For vehicle magnet requests, our team can customize it with your brand and the content you want it to display. This option is also very affordable and easy to produce, allowing us to deliver them to you on time and help you pick the right spots so they can display your message more efficiently.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window film

Want to make your entire vehicle a moving advertisement board for your brand? Consider adding perforated window film to go along with your vehicle wraps.

Window films are perforated to allow the driver and the vehicle’s passengers to see outside the vehicle without affecting the exterior design. We offer full window film coverage for your cars to blend with your vehicle wraps, and we can also do cutouts. We can also install perforated window films that add privacy for your passengers. Once we install your window film alongside your personalized Canyon vehicle wraps, we will ensure that it will be installed without imperfections and look fluid from all angles.

Professional Wraps for All Vehicle Types

Oakland Sign Company is a well-known Canyon, CA sign company that has provided personalized signs, graphics, and either related support to clients in the city for years.

custom vinyl food truck wrapFor vehicle wraps, the company can cater to any vehicle used for business and design them to help market their brand better and provide additional exposure. Each wrap is designed according to the vehicle’s features and the brand it represents. Our dedicated team of installers will install it flawlessly, no matter how many cars need to be wrapped.

We are confident we will provide you with the perfect vehicle wraps for your brand. Your investment will be returned twice as more people notice your brand and do business with you when they need your services. We will also streamline the entire project so that you can get your wraps quickly, and they will immediately get to work in helping you achieve your goals.

Below are examples of vehicle wraps we can make for your business:

Aside from vehicle wraps, we also do business signs and graphics that you can use for your other business targets. We can design these signs and graphics consistent with the messaging used in your vehicle wraps and your business’s overall brand. We can even do custom signs and graphics to help you get your brand noticed.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

When we take on personalized requests from our clients, no matter what kind of graphics they need, we ensure that it matches our client’s brand and will be an effective tool to help them achieve their goals.

Custom Fleet Vehicle WrapsBusinesses are now directly offering their products and services to clients. These businesses must show that they are legitimate brands with their business vehicle. With carefully crafted and installed vehicle wraps, people will know that you are a brand they can trust, and you know exactly what your brand is all about.

Whether using a small vehicle for your business or a fleet of trucks and buses, let us know what you want your wraps to look like. We will do our best to ensure that all the elements your clients need to see are visible in the wraps and bring in more business and exposure to the brand.

Promotional Car Wraps

Are you using a small car to deliver your business to your clients or getting supplies from your suppliers? Vehicle wraps can help you maximize your marketing strategy even if you are on the go and help you build a strong impression on those who see your vehicle.

custom car wrapWhen people see your car wrapped in the streets, whether on the go, parked in a lot, or stuck in traffic, they will slowly become familiar with your brand and even become curious about your offer. The wrap even serves as your business card because it can be designed to display your contact information without causing those who see it to get into an accident. Car wraps can also add extra protection to the vehicle’s coating once installed, protecting it from daily wear, tear, and element damage.

Any business from any industry can benefit from vehicle wraps, especially those that do not have a fixed business address and deliver their services directly to their clients. When the clients see these wraps in your vehicle, they will think that they are working with a professional company that can be trusted. Further trust can be made if the car wraps include all the information your customers want about your brand. You are dedicated to growing your brand.

If you want a full car wrap for your vehicles, we can make window wraps that blend well with the body wrap’s design. We will also ensure that the window wraps will not impair the driver’s vision and provide additional privacy for the passengers.

Your Designs, Perfected

Oakland Sign Company has been providing personalized and high-quality signs and graphics for all types and sizes of businesses in Canyon, CA.

custom airplane graphicsOur clients have fallen in love with our attention to detail, how we personalize our services to meet what our clients want and need and deliver high-quality graphics and business signs that match their campaign and business goals. We are also with our clients every step of the way to make the service stress-free. Since we do everything in-house, our services are very affordable regardless of how many signs and graphics you want us to make for you.

Do you want us to work on a simple design or go all out? No problem! We are always ready for the challenge and make your request a reality. We will even give you all the support you need to maximize the use of your requested signs and graphics wherever you plan to use them. If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them and explain any concept you may need clarification on throughout the service.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

No matter what kind of vehicle you have for your fleet, Oakland Sign Company ‘s Canyon vehicle wraps are tailored to them perfectly, and they showcase your brand most efficiently and attractively possible. We also ensure we do not exceed your budget and that all the elements you requested in your vehicle wraps are present. Our wraps are also made from high-quality vinyl that will serve as additional protection for your vehicle once they are on.

custom vehicle wrap installationThe service is straightforward for clients who need our vehicle wrapping service. The first part of the service starts with a free consultation, where you will be partnered with one of our sign experts, who will guide you through the service and answer any questions. All the information you provide them will also be used to create a draft design that matches your brand and your business goals. We can revise the plan if some elements need to be replaced or must be added to complete the image.

When the client approves the design and the quote for their request, we can immediately work to manufacture it. We use industry-grade vinyl suited for vehicles because they are made to withstand the elements and add another layer of protection to the vehicle’s coating once installed. We also ensure that the vehicle wrap is quality-checked before it is given to the installers to ensure nothing is missing or wrong in the final design.

Our installers will ensure the vehicle is ready for installation and perfectly install the wraps without any flaws. You can also contact us if the vehicle needs additional maintenance or repairs, and we’ll send one of our team to help you.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Canyon Vehicle Wraps oakland sign company 300x76

Your business vehicles don’t just have to deliver goods and services to your clients. You can also use them for your brand promotion and marketing campaign with the help of carefully designed and made vehicle wraps installed in its body.

With Oakland Sign Company, you can fit your business fleet with the best vehicle wraps that ideally promote your brand and make it easier for people to trust. Our sign experts are ready to complete your request a reality and make sure that once it is on, your vehicle wraps will help your brand get noticed by the right audience while, at the same time, protecting your investment. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle wraps and the business signs we can make for you for any occasion and business goal imaginable.

Call Oakland Sign Company at (510) 380-5627 for your Free Consultation with an Canyon Vehicle Wrap expert!