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Albany Monument Signs


Do you want to impress your clients, guests, employees, and bystanders with a simple business sign? Are you looking for a sign that can be a landmark for your location so people can immediately see where you are located? No matter what situation you find your business in, monument signs can solve your needs.

custom foam monument sign

Monument signs are freestanding signs often located at the entrance of a building or premises. They showcase key information people need to know before they enter a facility. These signs can be personalized in the material and information it displays to the public. Users can even get these monument signs shaped in any form to match the brand theme and personality.

Oakland Sign Company is a well-known sign company that can personalize business signs for each client at an affordable price. Clients are assigned to one of our sign experts who would make the sign production process stress-free and guarantee that the Albany monument signs will help them achieve their goals no matter what. We also guarantee that the quality of the monument signs is not compromised in any way, even if you are on a budget.

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An Impressive Entrance

Businesses and organizations often use monument signs to create a solid first impression on guests, employees, clients, and those who pass by the area.

custom monument signIt can also be used as a noticeboard for people to know key information before they enter the facility. Since they are located outdoors, these signs are made with solid materials like marble, natural stone, and cement. They are made at eye level so people can immediately see them and read the content displayed on the signs.

When you request personalized Albany monument signs, you can personalize them from their style, shape, design, and material. We at Oakland Sign Company can tailor it specifically to your brand and match the location of your facility. Once the final product is installed in your area, it will bring traffic to your brand and become an important landmark for your community.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Do you want to provide a space for your tenants to let people know where they are located? Monument signs can be used as tenant signs for business centers and complexes.

Tenant Monument SignMuch like traditional Albany monument signs we make for our clients, we can personalize the monument signs to display all the tenants in your facility or complex.

We can sit down with each of them to create the tenant panels installed in the monument signs and teach them how to use the extra features you will add to the signs, such as the electronic message center. Giving them this access will help them share key information with their clients and guests before they enter the facility.

Since the monument sign will be installed at your facility’s entrance, we will ensure they are in the right location for people to see immediately. We will also handle the permits if your community requires them.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Oakland Sign Company is a highly-rated and experienced Albany, CA sign company that offers a comprehensive sign service to any client that needs personalized business signs for any business goal or application.

Custom Monument SignWhen we receive a request, clients are assigned to one of our sign experts, who will guide them through the entire project and answer any questions you may have about your request. We also offer our clients recommendations and samples of our previous works to give them ideas for their requests. If the client has a design in mind, we can look at it and update it if needed to make it more effective. The client will be provided with a design draft and quote, which we can modify to make it a perfect fit for their budget and requirements.

Once the client approves the draft and quote, our team will immediately get to work manufacturing the sign. Quality control will be done on each piece that will go to the signs so there will be no mishaps during installation. Our installers are trained to handle everything needed for the installation process, from the permits and selection of the installation area to the actual installation process. They will also ensure that the signs’ electrical components are properly installed and do not cause any problems in the future.

When the monument signs are installed, we guarantee that they will not require constant maintenance, and if there are issues, our team is on hand to get them fixed and replaced. We can also create supporting business signs that you can use in other parts of your business. They will be designed to work cohesively with your monument signs.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Albany Monument Signs sign company 1 300x146As the saying goes, first impressions can go a long way in how people see someone or something, and it can be hard to change people’s minds if nothing is done to improve it. For businesses, first impressions can make or break them.

With fully customized and made monument signs, you can achieve this target of getting people to notice your brand and imply you are a legitimate brand they can trust. When you request your monument signs from us, our team will make sure that they represent your brand and can become a durable landmark for your business. Learn more about our sign services by ringing our hotline and speaking to one of our experts. We are always ready to take your request and deliver the right signs anytime.

Call Oakland Sign Company at (510) 380-5627 for your Free Consultation with an Albany Monument Sign expert!